‘Holden’ Camaro to fall under HSV brand as RHD conversion pack?

‘Holden’ Camaro to fall under HSV brand as RHD conversion pack?

Holden has already confirmed it will be introducing a halo sports car after local production has ceased, expected to come in some time before 2020. And plenty of rumours have been suggesting it will be the Camaro. But now we hear our much-loved Camaro might actually be branded under the HSV arm as a simple right-hand drive conversion kit.

As reported earlier, Camaro prototype┬áhave been spotted outside Walkinshaw’s headquarters. Remembering HSV is now part of Walkinshaw, it seems these prototypes could be getting ready for a right-hand drive conversion.

However, Walkinshaw is already known for right-hand drive conversions, which means there is every possibility the brand will soon offer imported Camaros in right-hand drive in the near future.

This means there might be a chance the Camaro won’t be offered here as an official Holden product, but instead a converted package. It might still be backed by some kind of warranty nonetheless, but it would mean the car isn’t really an official rival to the Ford Mustang.

If this is the direction Walkinshaw, HSV, and Holden takes, it’s going to be a real shame. Yes, it will be great to see RHD Camaros driving around the streets in Australia but we’ve been longing for the day of an official, factory-backed model line with full warranty and aftersales service and parts.

It is only early days yet so we’ll keep digging and try and find an official answer for you. Perhaps one of the great things about a more simple right-hand drive conversion is the fact that all variants could potentially be sold in Australia and not just ones hand-picked by Holden and/or GM in the US.

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